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Jefferson Park Neighborhood Organization Bio

William 'Brian' Wardman, Vice-President

Brian moved into the Jefferson Park area in 2004. Brian has been a member of the Jefferson Park Neighborhood Association since 2007. In 2008 Brian was elected to the board. In 2010 Brian was elected as Vice-President and has been serving since. The actions Brian has been involved is listed in Brian's Bio

Carlene (Lotti) Blumenthal

I am a life long Chicago resident. After retiring from inner city CPS high schools, I taught certification of taxi and limo drivers at Harold Washington College for 5 years, and student teacher supervising for both DePaul and U of I Urbana. I volunteered for 10 years on a local LSC. I have been involved with many JPNA projects over 14 years as a member. I have about 75 hours beyond my masters including 2 grants from the U of C to study culture and community. I became interested in politics at age 7 when passing out fliers for aldermen Paddy Bauler and Charlie Weber for free passes to Riverview. I became interested in law when I filed and won a Federal lawsuit against the CPS for discrimination. I am a proud NIMBY. I believe those who live in a place choose to do so because that's their kind of place. That's consistent with JPNA's mission statement. I choose to live here because I like the way it is and the people here.